Imagine living as the Divine being

Who You Truly Are!

Here you are, emerging as your True Self, the “Source Energy Being”* that is the human you.

At times you may feel disturbed, distracted by the changes happening in your life. Your belly flip-flops and your mind asks:
“what’s next?” Or maybe: “where to now?

Though you’ve readied your heart, opened up to a larger life, you feel temporarily lost.

When this happens, a spiritual guide may be just the thing you need to help you through the dark places.

You want someone to listen to your journey’s unfolding, your wonderings and aspirations. Someone who has met darkness “heart-on.”

As one of many who returned from near death, awakened to be of service, I can be a lantern, helping you light the road to Freedom and Peace. While offering you this blessing:

“May you know and live your Truth, from the inside out.”

When you answer the call to joy, it blesses us all.

Has the power of Love, which lives inside everyone, been calling you forth?

Have you answered the call, felt challenged to be All That You Are?

Would spiritual guidance benefit your deepest trust in moving towards unification with your radiant Inner Power?

If “YES!”, this site has more offerings for you to explore. You can read all about Integrative Spiritual Guidance by clicking here.

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Antoinette Levine | A Call to Joy

* Source might be God, Goddess, the Universe, Tao, a Higher Power, etc…

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Antoinette Levine
What others are saying...

Antoinette has a remarkable and positive impact on the soul!!L. K. in Los Angeles

Thank you Antoinette, for the peaceful, inspiring and enlivening session! With your uplifting support I am reclaiming meditation – visualization, conscious breathing and positive affirmations as my key transformational tools. Thank you!Lucy

Antoinette is an inspiring guide, a truly inspired person. She helps you go deep and rediscover your Self, to grow spiritually and emotionally. She is unafraid of going with you into scary, challenging life issues. I am truly grateful to have her guidance at this phase of my life. It’s helping prepare me for the rest of my life!R. B. in Los Angeles

Antoinette Levine is an inspiring and creative spiritual guide. Her guidance and techniques have profoundly helped me in re-discovering the positivity in life, and thereby helped enormously in my recovery and healing from a catastrophic illness. I am truly grateful for Antoinette's sessions.~Anonymous

Antoinette is a gifted, insightful, dedicated and generous guide who has left an indelible mark on me. I am continuously inspired by her courage, wisdom and divine insight. She has helped me venture into a more abundant and fulfilling experience in my life and career, meeting every ‘seeming’ obstacle with love, patience and inspired perspective. I am so lucky to have found her. Spend time with her if you can!Tanya

The depth of Antoinette's listening is a remarkable gift to receive. Her presence in the Heart is palpable over the phone whenever it is not possible to share space with her in person. Yet, the graceful blessing of returned awareness to inner peace, is remarkably the same. Annonymous in Florida

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